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Truth be told, I didn’t do a lot of the planning for my own wedding. I was a pretty easy-going bride. But there were a few things that I had strong opinions about – the cake and desserts (duh!) and the bar offerings. We opted for classic chocolate and vanilla cake, but our mini desserts included a myriad of traditional Bahamian desserts like coconut tarts and rum cake. And the bar! We had a signature martini and enough alcohol to rival any club on the island. It was really important that we created the best cocktail and cake pairing for our wedding.

As a cake designer, I love to encourage my couples to choose flavors that are not only seasonal, but that would pair well with their signature cocktails. When pairing cocktails and cakes flavor profiles and seasonal availability are the two biggest things to think about.

1. Chocolate Chili Cake + Classic Margarita

Here’s an example, if one of your signature drinks is a margarita, consider including a spicy ganache to your cake. That will stay within the Mexican flavor profile and tie the cake and cocktail together. We like a classic margarita to go along with our El Diablo cake, which is a rich chocolate cake with a chili and cinnamon dark chocolate ganache

2. Strawberry Shortcake + Rosé

In terms of seasons, you want to choose flavors that are in season so you get the freshest flavors and match it with a complimentary cocktail. A wedding cake with fresh strawberries is an ideal choice for spring and summer weddings and would pair well with a rosé since the wine has a fruity flavor.

For more delicious pairings, head on over to Bridal Musing! There some of the leading event pros will share their favorite matches. You’ll find the best pairings for chocolate cake, salted caramel cake, and raspberry cake. What pairings would you love to see at a wedding?

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