Horizontal Buttercream

Stucco Buttercream

Smooth Buttercream

Our miniature desserts scan be customized with a myriad of colors
and edible sugar art to suit your needs and match your event design. 

Miniature Desserts

Our Party-perfect

The flavor and color combinations are endless with these decadent almond cookies. 


From childhood favorites to sophisticated confections, we've deconstructed these confections into the perfect serving size.

Dessert Shooters

We've taken our favorite pies and  tarts into miniature versions! These 2" tarts are beautiful on any dessert table. 

Mini Tarts

Interested in an item that isn't on the menu? Feel free to reach out with custom requests. 

Many More

Up the level of sophistication at your event with a delicate tower of cream puffs decorated in a cage of caramel.


You can't go wrong with a classic.  Choose from a list that includes fan-favorites like salted caramel, vanilla, and chocolate.


Order Your Desserts

And sweeten your celebrations. We'll be happy to send you a mini dessert menu!