Your Wedding Cake Checklist


Choosing your wedding cake can be a little bit more involved than a first-time bride may know.

To help you design your perfect wedding cake, I’ve created this wedding cake checklist.  It’s an easy way to note your preferences and ensure that you get your dream wedding cake.

After years of hosting consultations with a variety of brides (different styles, different budgets, different options on which aspects of the cake are more important), we gathered a list of common items to discuss and pain points and put them all in a handy checklist.

This checklist provides you with information such as:

Types of frosting

Tier configurations and their approximate servings

What to bring to your consultation

Questions to ask the designer/baker about pricing, contracts, delivery etc.

It also has spaces to note the same, flavor and decor of each tier.

We hope that you take advantage of the checklist whether you’re interested in booking us for your wedding or another talented baker/designer!

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