Four Hot Wedding Cake Trends for 2014 [and hopefully 2015]


If you’re anything like me, you spend hours out of your week perusing Facebook and Pinterest for design inspiration.  For a bride-to-be this can be a bit overwhelming, so I decided to compile a list of some of the hottest trends in cake design that may help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for.

Want a simple cake with just a touch of pizzazz? Then I would highly recommend adding a trendy cake topper that allows you to personalize your cake. With so many great designs on websites such as Etsy and Sweet and Saucy Supply, you can get really creative. You can add your monogram, silhouettes of you and your spouse-to-be, flowers, and figures made in your likeness. Some of my favorite materials are wood, acrylic, and metal.  

Deconstructed cakes also go by a naughtier name – the naked cake.  I’m partial to this design because it’s eye-catching, rustic, and fun without being overly dramatic.  These cakes are perfect for brides who want to incorporate nature or a particular season into their wedding.  You can add floral arrangements that mimic the bride’s bouquet, seasonal fruits (berries and peaches in the warmer months, apples and pears in the fall) or even succulents and ferns for a woodland feel. 

This is a trend that I absolute LOVE – metallics.  There are so many directions that you can steer this trend, from art deco to vintage, Old Hollywood glam to subtle and subdued.  Plus, there are so many materials at your disposal.  For instance, you can cover the entire cake in 24 kt gold leaf, to silver disco dust or even bronze flakes, all of which are edible. Whether you’re aiming for a modern feel (think geometric patterns) or a traditional look (classic lace details), metallics add a glitzy pop to your dessert table. 

Whether you add a little or a lot, ruffles add a feminine touch to any cake design. Sugar or buttercream ruffles can be added to the tier vertically, horizontally, or even asymmetrically and act as a bold embellishment on your cake. . You can add other cute features to the cake, like a ribbon, bow or statement flower. 

Hoped this helped!

Stay sweet!


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