Two Major Tips | Cake Flowers


When thinking about flowers for your cake you would think it would be as simple as cutting the flowers and placing them atop of the cake, however it isn’t that simple!

1. Often times brides will ask their florist to set aside leftover florals for the cake but instead I suggest working it into your budget. The leftover flowers are usually wilted, discolored and blooms that weren’t deemed fit for the other designs. Your cake is going to be a focal point of your photos and you don’t want dying flowers stealing the show.

2. Determine whether your flowers are edible and take precautions- unfortunately, most of our favorite flowers to use in weddings are actually toxic. When the flowers and/or sap come in contact with the cake, it can actually be harmful. In addition to being edible, you should also consider that flowers may have come in contact with pesticides, so you may want to consider organically grown flowers. Ask your designer what precautions they take with adding flowers to cakes.

At Sugar Euphoria, we use two amazing products to protect you and your wedding guests.

The Safety seal is a safe coating that protects the stems of the blooms and allows us to put the flowers directly into the cake and is perfect for floral cascades.

For mini bouquets, the floral spikes are perfect. The flowers are placed in bunches and we can add a little water to the spike to keep the blooms fresh.

If you’re still worried, consider sugar flowers!

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