Styling a Dessert Table


 Photo by  Lauren Cowart Photography

Photo by Lauren Cowart Photography

Today’s post is brought to you by my love affair with dessert tables.  A stylish dessert table not only allows you and your guests to indulge in a variety of decadent treats at your fête,  but it can take your theme from ‘aww, that’s cute’ to ‘OMG! Look how fabulous everything is!”

Here are a few of the awesome dessert tables that I’ve pinned (and unknowingly re-pinned) onto my Pinterest boards, along with a few tips on maximizing the wow factor.

 More of this gorgeous dessert table can be found on  http://www.heygorg.com/

More of this gorgeous dessert table can be found on  http://www.heygorg.com/

1). Determine what desserts you would like to include on the table.  In most cases, the wedding cake will be the main feature, but it is a great idea to include a variety of other desserts that you love and that you think your guests will enjoy.  Some desserts to consider are cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreos, cookies, candy, and cake pops. 

 More from this shoot can be found on  The Cake Blog

More from this shoot can be found on The Cake Blog

2).  Cohesion is the key to the perfect dessert table.  You want to ensure that your dessert table is plays up the theme of your wedding.  Now everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, but I would recommend drawing inspiration for your table from other aspects of your wedding. Is your wedding dress covered in gorgeous lace detailing?  Consider including lace accents on your desserts. If you have a specific theme – vintage, rustic, retro – then incorporating garland, cake stands, and other design elements can take your table to the next level. For instance, a woodland-themed wedding may call for a buttercream cake with a rough texture, a ton of green foliage, and a cake stand made of bark. 

3). Dominick of the Triangle Bridal Association always tells me to add some height to my displays at the wedding expos, and the same goes for your dessert table.  Again, your wedding cake should be the focal point and placed in the middle of the table.  I would even suggest using a tall, but sturdy, cake plate for your wedding.  Also, using tiered dessert stands, flat serving trays, and vases for the other treats can add some interest to the table. 


It may seem like everyone is incorporating a dessert table at their wedding, but the great thing about them is that they are totally customizable and reflect your personality and theme without looking gimmicky. 


Want to see more of my favorite dessert tables and possibly get some inspiration for your own wedding?  Then, check out my Pinterest board. 


Stay sweet!


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