How I Found My Ideal Clients – Part 2

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After the branding photoshoot and finalizing the elements of my brand, I had all of the tools to update my new website. My little piece of the internet had to be in lock-step with feeling that the branding materials would give off. If I wanted to attract my ideal clients, my website had to grab their attention.

I knew that I wanted to transition from SquareSpace since I’m not the most tech-savvy person and I felt that I need to make too many customizations using code. I’m not sure how I stumbled on Showit, but I’m glad I did. Showit, along with the template from the TonIc Site Shop, allowed me to create a professional website that focused heavily on photo galleries, which would allow me to showcase my favorite cakes. In addition to beautiful templates, Showit integrated WordPress for blogging, so I didn’t have to worry about creating a separate site for my blog posts. The design elements carried over from the website to the blog which made my life much easier and I knew that this was something that my ideal client would find appealing.

I also updated my website with Google Analytics, which allowed me to see what keywords people were searching to find my site and the sites that sent the most traffic my way. This allows my to make adjustments to my marketing strategy.

Overall, my website allowed me to share our philosophy, my personality, and my work to the world.

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