How I Found My Ideal Clients – Part I

Randi's Corner

“Branding is essential. It builds value by showing cohesion and aesthetic representation of your business. If your brand doesn’t communicate your values, work, and ideal client, you can’t be surprised when you fail to book the weddings you want to book.”

Between 2015 – 2016 I was ran a bakery that was getting a lot of traffic, created over 150 cakes and had nothing to show for it – no profit and no real memories with my family. I worked over 12 hours a day. Even though Finley was with me at the bakery every day, I wasn’t able to pour into her and give her my undivided attention. I didn’t go into business for myself to have no white space in my life and I new that I needed to make a change. I knew I needed to make way more money but I didn’t want to work every single weekend of the year.

I had to make a change.

I thought about the brides that I loved working with and why I was so drawn to them. I also thought about the ones who I would prefer to distance myself from. In the end I realized that I wanted to work with couples who were looking for a fine art wedding cake for their luxury wedding.

So I rebranded.

I knew that I needed to do more than just change my logo. I had to create a brand that was visually appealing to big budget brides. I also knew that I wanted to infuse more of myself into the brand. I reached out to Amber Crudup to create Sugar Euphoria’s new image. To get started, we did a ton of discovery calls where I focused on the colors I loved and hated, the profile of my ideal client, my vision for the company and Sugar Euphoria’s mission.

After that Amber sent over some alterations of the logo and I settled on a choice, I received the entire style guide.

It took a few weeks to catch on, but I’m happy to say that I’m working with my dream clients all the time and making a profit from my passion.

Now, whenever I created collaterals and social media posts, I always refer to my brand board.

Next, I worked with Amber and Jodie Brim photography on a branding shoot. I paid for hair and makeup too because I knew the photos that were going to represent my brand on the web and in print had to be stunning. The shoot include headshots, images of my desserts, stock photos and action shots.

*insert brand images.

Now my social media headers, email signatures and client proposals all use the same branding.

I know that branding can be pricey, but it is definitely worth the investment if you want to elevate your brand. I suggest doing some price shopping to determine which designer is in your budget. It can be scary but it’s also necessary to work with your dream clients!

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