Holiday Gift Guide for the Professional Baker


This gift guide will make any baker’s dreams come true. These are the essential products that help us create our beautiful cakes and we can’t imagine not having them in our kitchen. So here is the ultimate bakers guide for your holiday shopping. Happy Holidays!

01 Agbay Double Blade Cake Leveler – I love the Agbay! It makes for super accurate and precise cake leveling! You can replicate the size of each cake and it helps us achieve perfect cakes inside and out. Having a dual razor blade means we can zoom through multiple cakes in one pass! The razors are ridiculously sharp, so watch those fingers.

02 Acrylic Cake Disk – In conjunction with the Agbay, acrylic disks allow us to have even tiers with sharp edges. These are reusable and dishwasher safe, so they cut down on wasting your cake boards.

03 Etekcity – Kitchen Food Scale – It is always helpful to have a food scale on hand. Some folks measure their ingredients using cup measurements, but oftentimes, recipes are written by weight. That’s where a kitchen scale comes in. Plus, it reduces error when scaling up your recipes.

04 Tapered Rolling Pin – I’m a sucker for pretty, but functional kitchen items, and these rolling pins from Callie the Baker fit both requirements. These pins are lightweight, easy to use and easy to clean. Plus, they come in a bunch of fun colors.

05 KitchenAid Stand Mixer – This machine needs no introduction. There is no need to stand over a bowl with a hand mixer, or mix by hand. This lovely thing of beauty does it all. It truly makes our lives easier whether we are mixing cake batter or whipping up Swiss meringue buttercream.

06 Lacupella Acrylic Bench Scrapers for Cake Icing Frosting – Once you’ve torted and filled your cake and made the top even with your acrylic disks, you need a bench scraper to get perfect sides. We’ve used almost every type of scraper known to cake designers and the ones from Lacupella are our favorite. They don’t bend, rarely get nicked, and are super easy to clean. Plus, they are tall enough for our double-barrel cakes and they have some pretty cool designs for textured and striped cakes.

07 Sweet Stamp | Candy Set – I love adding personalized messages to cakes and this set makes it so easy to do! I don’t have to free-hand my writing anymore – just pop the letters on a pick-up pad and press them on the cake.

08 The Cakesafe | Small – This. Is. A. Lifesaver! Anyone who transports cakes needs one of these! It is such a cool contraption. All you have to do is pop your cake in and insert a metal rod through the entire cake. I’ve transported a cake from Raleigh to Nassau in my large one without incident.

09 White Wedding Cake Stand – My love for Sarah’s Stands runs deep. Their stands are so aesthetically pleasing, but as an added bonus they can withstand the weight of tiered wedding cakes.

Let me know if you purchase anything from the list. I would love to hear from you!

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