Design your Cake with Florals


Floral placement is so important to the final design. 

Check out the many ways you can incorporate florals as part of your wedding cake design!


One of the most popular ways to add florals to your cake is placing bouquet-like groupings of flowers on your cake. These often mimic the bride or bridesmaids bouquets and are a great complement to the overall floral design. It is important that the placement of the bouquets are balanced so that your cake is aesthetically appealing.


Another way to use flowers on your cake is by creating a cascade of blooms down or around your cake. It adds a dramatic flair without being too ostentatious.


One of my favorite trends is to add a floral wreaths around the base of the cake or around one of the tiers. Adding a wreath can either add extra height to the cake or break up the design. You have to be completely sure that you have enough blooms to cover the circumference so that you don’t have any gaps in coverage.


For couple’s who aren’t tied to the idea of having a bride and groom cake topper, but still want a design element at the top, they should consider a floral topper. Floral cake toppers are a personal favorite of mine for a few reasons: I love tall cakes and toppers definitely add height and I love the drama of a beautiful ball of blooms.

Which is your favorite floral placement style? Whichever style you choose, florals will always create a beautiful addition to a cake design!

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