#WeddingWednesday: Recap of Mr. and Mrs. Lassiter’s Wedding – Chapel Hill, NC

Wedding Wednesday

I’m so, so happy to introduce you all to Mr. & Mrs. Andre Lassiter! From the day I met Ivy at our church, I knew that she would have an amazing wedding.  She’s so full of energy and so sweet!

For their wedding, which can be described as a ‘glamorous, floral event’, we create a few fun flavors to adorn the dessert table.  The two tier, pineapple upside-down cake was decorated with gorgeous, pure white roses and silver ribbon. The cupcake flavors were really fun.  There were creme brûlée, pineapple upside down, rum-infused piña colada cupcakes, along with Hennessy/chocolate/bacon cupcakes (requested by the groom).  

Photo credit: Sanailer 

Iphone photo credit: Sanailer Whidbee

Congratulations to the Lassiters!  

Oh, and I encourage you to check out Ivy’s bridal portraits taken by the amazing Art by Ash!


Stay sweet,


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