10 Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas That Wow


I’m not sure how it happened, but so many of my couples are shying away from having a traditional wedding cake – the ones with five-tiers covered in swiss dots and fondant bows – and are opting with something a little different.  They’re requesting modern and completely unique cakes partnered with some interesting dessert choices and I absolutely love it.  I’m talking caramel apple bars, mini pies, and huge cake pop displays, which is awesome because I really enjoy flexing my baking muscles and stepping a little outside the boundaries of tradition.  Plus, it always the couple to incorporate some of their personality, the wedding theme, and memories into the desserts. 

I really enjoyed writing the Styling a Dessert Table post, that I decided to take it one step further and talk about the different options that you have that will take your wedding dessert game up a notch. 

A Biscuit Bar

 Photo credit:  Audra Wrisley Photography

Photo credit: Audra Wrisley Photography

Be the ultimate Southern bride by treating your guests to a buttermilk biscuit bar. They’ll love slathering the buttery, flaky biscuits with jams, gravy, pimeno cheese or flavored honey.

A Pie Bar

 Photo credit:  Set Free Photography

Photo credit: Set Free Photography

If you spend half the year wishing for the holidays so that you can indulge in homemade pies, then this dessert bar is for you.  Aside from all of the yummy flavors, you also have the option of full pies, mini pies, or pie pops (my new favorite dessert).


A Donut Bar

 Photo credit: Yuna Leonard

Photo credit: Yuna Leonard

Baked or deep fried. Glazed, plain or powdered.  You can pick one or have them all. Either way, everyone will be happy and full at the end of the reception.

A S’mores Bar

 Photo credit:  Juan Maclean Photography

Photo credit: Juan Maclean Photography

A make-it-yourself-S’mores bar would be an awesome addition to a fall wedding or a wedding with a outdoorsy theme. You can keep it traditional or add fancy ingredients to the bar with flavored chocolate, fruit, nuts, peanut butter, Nutella and your favorite candy. 

A Cookies & Milk Bar

 Photo credit:  Julie Mikos  

Photo credit: Julie Mikos  

After your guest have danced the night away, treat them to everyone’s favorite childhood snack – cookies and milk. You can use whole, skim, or almond milk and pair those options with a variety of cute little cookies. 

A Waffle Bar

 Photo credit:  Ellie Grover

Photo credit: Ellie Grover

A waffle bar is perfect for a brunch wedding!  I love the idea of providing different mix-in  (like chocolate chips and blueberries) along with a variety of toppings (think bananas, spreads, chocolate syrup).

A Caramel Apple Bar

 Photo credit:  Freshly Wed

Photo credit: Freshly Wed

You don’t have to make a trip to the fair to eat a candy apple.  Take your dessert bar up a notch with a caramel apple bar.  They fit in perfectly with fall weddings, rustic weddings, and black tie weddings.  You can opt to have the flavors created or have your guests create their own. 

A Hot Chocolate Bar

 Photo Credit: Make it Luxe

Photo Credit: Make it Luxe

If you’re guests aren’t already warm from dancing the night away, then they’ll really appreciate a hot chocolate bar during the cold months.  There are a ton of ingredients that you can include on the bar – caramel, flavored marshmallows, peppermint.  And for adult-only receptions, consider different spirits (wink, wink).

An Ice Cream Bar

 Photo credit:  Rebekah J Murray

Photo credit: Rebekah J Murray

If you and the new spouse are ice cream- (or gelato-) lovers, then this is for  you.  You and you’re guests are going to love creating their own sundaes!

A Popcorn Bar

 Photo credit:  Raycroft Art

Photo credit: Raycroft Art

Here’s a completely different take on a sweet bar – popcorn!  How awesome is this dessert bar from a wedding created by A Swanky Affair?  It’s fun, and cute and there are so many flavors that you can treat your guests to. 


Hope you enjoyed!


Stay sweet,


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