Destination: Wedding


It’s so weird being on the other side of wedding planning.  I’m used to being in my own little world full of consultations, tastings, sketching, baking, decorating, and delivering (in that exact order).  That may seem like a whole lot, but I have the process down.  Being a bride is something completely foreign to me. I’m having the hardest time making decisions about the reception – white linens with gold napkins or gold linens with white napkins?!?  Did I mention that we still don’t have a cake?

Thankfully, my mom and the caterer have done an amazing job with planning.  So far, we’ve reserved the church, ordered the tables and chairs, purchased the vases, bought the dress (!!!!), secured the alcohol (can you say Martini Bar?!), and finalized the menu.  

Just when I was feeling bogged downed in deadlines, linens, and dress swatches, I received a lovely little package from Callie and Nancy Ray Photography.  If you follow me on social media or if you subscribe to the Nancy Ray Photography blog, you may have seen highlights on their blog.  We had an amazing time working with Callie Davis, who is a gem of a person and a genius behind the camera.  She really made us feel comfortable and was willing to wade through grass at Historic Yates Mill Park, that may or may not house snakes.  I’m definitely going to cherish these pictures for a lifetime. 

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