We’re Getting Married!

Wedding Wednesday

It’s been almost 10 days since Jeffery proposed and I’m still on Cloud 9!  It doesn’t help that the ring is gorgeous, either.  If you’ve follow me or Sugar Euphoria on any social media site, then you’ve probably seen a picture of my engagement ring (Gah! It still feels weird saying that), but I haven’t shared anything about the proposal with y’all. 

I’ve always said that I wanted an extremely low-key proposal, partly because I can be really shy at times and also because I knew that I would break out into the ugly crying face.  You know the one, where you can’t sobbing and your mouth is hanging open.  Other than that, my only real request was that Jeff made sure I had a manicure.  To his credit, he did ensure that the proposal was low-key, but he let me walk around with unpolished nails.

The proposal took me by complete surprise!  One minute we were chilling, and the next thing I knew, Jeff was down on one knee asking me to marry him. At first I was speechless.  Then, I said ‘Yes!!” probably three or four times.  Next, came the ugly cry.  It was all so perfect.

I’m definitely going to enjoy the engagement period before I get into the swing of wedding planning.  Since we’re getting married in Nassau, there’s not much that I can do from Raleigh.  Thankfully, I have a mother who is enjoying this whole process (she even went out and bought a wedding planning binder) and a best friend who I can count on to pitch in. 

I’m really looking forward to sharing my wedding planning process with you!



Stay sweet!



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