Make Life Sweeter for Back-to-Schoolers!

Make Life Sweeter

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The start of a new school year can bring feelings of excitement, joy, relief, anxiety, nervousness and fear for students and teachers alike. Is someone in your life getting ready to head back to school? Whether you have a kindergartner, a teacher’s assistant, a professor or college student, you can do something to let him or her know that you’re proud of them for the task they are about to take on and you can show them a little support by doing something to help them relax and enjoy their last few days of freedom. Here are a few ideas on how to make life sweeter for your back-to-schooler:

  • Plan a get together. Nothing wraps up a summer like good food, drinks, music and company. Let your back-to-schooler go out with one last hoo-rah before schedules and homework takeover.
  • Make a gift basket. Think of all the things that someone in school might need. From hand sanitizer and tissues to cool book sleeves or a new laptop cover, you can find thoughtful, useful, more personal gifts to supplement the back-to-school shopping that they’ve probably already done. Consider stress-relievers like wine for teachers/professors and a cozy blanket or journal for college students.
  • Have an open-floor discussion. This is for kids from elementary on up through college. Set the scene for total honesty and relaxation and lay out a spread of goodies. Use the time to address any anxieties or just any thoughts or questions in general about the upcoming year and what it means to be a year older. This is a great tradition to start and it’s also a great way to get some quality time with your kid before school schedules start pulling everyone in different directions.
  • Make all of their favorite dishes. If you have a college student that will soon be returning (or just going off) to late-night pizzas, cafeteria and fast food, then this would be a great send off. Prepare all of his or her favorite dishes that can’t be served up any where else just the way they like it, besides right at home.
  • Plan something special for the first day of school. Whether it’s a special, encouraging note hidden in their belongings, a good morning/good luck FaceTime call or a special delivery the day of saying you hope the day was great, you can show your student or educator that you’re thinking of them and supporting them as they start on the new school year’s journey.



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