Make Life Sweeter: Just Because

Make Life Sweeter

Think about the last time you did something really nice for one of your loved ones. Maybe it was a birthday or anniversary, maybe it was to show support or concern – or was it just because? ‘Just because’ may be one of the most thoughtful and memorable reasons why you can do something nice for someone. Life is all about those unforgettable moments that make us feel all warm and mushy inside and seeing the look of surprise and appreciation on the face of someone you love may very well be one of those moments. We’ve talked about things you can do for people who work every day to make life better, we’ve talked about Valentine’s Day ideas and now here are a few ideas for some “just because” gestures:
•Give flowers. Does the person you’re treating like the simple things? They’ll love a nice bouquet of flowers. As much as the movies and TV shows show it, people don’t receive flowers as often as you’d think.

•Take care of their chores. Sometimes one of the best feelings is coming home after a long day and realizing that you can just sit. No dishes. No laundry. No nothing. Taking a few things off of someone’s to-do list would definitely make life sweeter.

•Plan a picnic or a sleepover. Go for simple relaxation and enjoyment with this one. Pack up your favorite snacks and pick a favorite spot or grab a couple of movies and munchies and camp out. This would be surprising and refreshing for someone who leads a hectic life.

•Plant a sweet surprise. Imagine reaching into the cupboard to begin prepping for dinner and finding delicious assortment of cupcakes. Talk about a jackpot! If someone you know has a sweet tooth, then surprise goodies would definitely be the ultimate way to make life sweeter, just because.

Stay sweet!

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