Like peas and carrots


I’ve never considered myself to be a picky eater, not even when I was younger.  Granted, I went through the vegetables-are-yucky, I-hate-anything-green stage that every child goes through (seriously, who thought lima beans would be appealing to anyone under the age of 55?).  But I’ve always been open to trying new things, and I have my parents to thank for that.  They never indicated that they didn’t like a particular food and encouraged me to try something new whenever we went out to eat. So when I started Sugar Euphoria, I decided that I would be open to trying new flavor combinations and including them on our menu.
I realized that combinations that were perfect to me seemed really weird to other people.


Take our All-Star cupcake for example.  The ladies in the nail salon couldn’t understand why anyone would want to eat bacon on a cupcake, but when I told them it was almost like eating pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, they came around quickly.

photo (12)

Then there’s our Infinity & Beyond cupcake.  I have to admit, it took me a minute to try bananas and marshmallow in a cupcake at the same time.  I’m not a fan of marshmallows or cooked fruit, but let me tell you, this combination is amazing!  Plus, it’s been really popular lately.

Now, I like to think that we’re pretty adventurous with our flavor profiles over here, but I’ve come across some pretty weird cupcake combos while browsing the internet (read: feeding my Pinterest addiction).  I actually can’t wait to try them.

What cupcake flavor combinations would you like to try?







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