5 Ways to Enjoy Blood Oranges

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As spring as kicked into full gear and summer is right around the corner, many people are on a mission to start chiseling out their summer bodies now. For some, that may mean dramatic lifestyle changes and for others, it may mean less drastic approaches, like cutting back on sodas or adding an additional workout to your schedule. Whatever the case, we thought we’d share with you a few ways to enjoy a very delicious fruit that is only available locally during this time of the year.



Blood oranges are rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C.  They boost your immune system, help your body absorb iron, and can reduce your risk of cancer.  Blood oranges are a good source of fiber, and can help lower your cholesterol. These sweet fruits can be zested to enhance your grandmother’s secret pound cake recipe or can be juiced to add a kick to that perfect summer cocktail (I absolutely love blood orange margaritas). Add chunks of blood orange for great color & squeeze some of the juice over the entire salad for a nice burst of flavor. How about blood orange roasted chicken?  Trust me, your family will love it! You can even chop up a blood orange to add sweetness to your spicy salsa.


….And, as a bonus, if you’re one of those who can still indulge and stay on track for your summer body, then you should check out our Orange Passion cupcake. Our moist vanilla cake is infused with blood orange zest and is topped with blood orange buttercream and blood orange glaze.



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