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Make Life Sweeter for those who make life better

There are so many people whose job it is to perform a function that makes your life better. From security personnel and firefighters to assistants, janitors, nurses and teachers, there are so many people who devote themselves a a role that many take for granted everyday. While many of these occupations have appreciation days each year, imagine how much more appreciated someone feel to receive acknowledgement on any given day and just because. Here are some ideas on how you can make life sweeter for those who work to make life better for you:

• Take them a special dessert. Special made cupcakes, cookies and pies are great ways to say "thank you"

• Gift cards and certificates for things that allow relaxation or enjoyment like massages

• Tickets to a concert, game or other event. Sites like Living Social and Groupon offer tickets at discounted prices

• A contribution towards something you've heard a person mention they want or need