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Sweet, sweet fall

Fall is in the air, and oh, how sweet this one will be! We love fall. We love the crisp, cool air that comes in to replace the humid heat, we love the new picture that nature paints with her changing leaves and we absolutely love the flavors that return to the forefront of baked dishes, like cinnamon, pumpkin, apple, caramel and so on. This fall, we’ve thought long and hard about some of our favorite things and flavors of fall and put together a fall menu that is bound to make this season sweeter than ever!

First up, we have Caramel Macchiato - your favorite warm beverage now in the moist, sweet package of a cupcake. We’re baking up a rich espresso cake, with espresso cream filling and topping it with caramel buttercream. To finish these babies off, we’re drizzling drool-worth caramel sauce on top. These will be perfect for the coffee lover and for get togethers with people with a more mature palette.


Nothing says fall like pumpkins. And the next cupcake screams fall. Our Spiced Pumpkin cupcake is made with moist pumpkin cake and a delicious layer of pumpkin pie. It’s topped with cinnamon buttercream and finished with graham crackers. There’s nothing more to say than YUM! This cupcake is perfect for the pumpkin lover and would be a great addition to a holiday meal or potluck.


How great is apple cider in the fall. And that’s not a question. It’s more of a fact for us. We’ve taken this seasonal favorite and created an Apple Cider cupcake complete with decadent cider cake and apple pie filling. To be honest, we could stop right there and this thing would knock your socks off. But we’ve taken it a step further with an amazing salted caramel buttercream. Want to receive the “best dish” award at a potluck or dinner party? Want high-fives galore at the next family get together? Show up with these.

We’ve put a lot of love and effort into making this the sweetest fall ever. So go on, get to enjoying.